Ironhack’s Challenge 2 — Wireframing

The challenge was to choose an app of my liking and to “reverse engineer” the already designed app.

I chose Spotify. I use Spotify on a daily basis, as I can listen to all kinds of music and discover new artists without leaving the app. In addition, I’ve always liked the aesthetics and how easy it is to use the app.

As for the user flow, I decided to focus on finding an artist and share a song from the artist. It consists of 7 screens in total: (1) home screen, (2) search screen, (3) search for an artist,(4) list of songs of the artist, (5) select a song, (6) song player screen, (7) share screen.

After deciding the user flow, I drew the low-fidelity wireframes.

Low-fidelity wireframes

After drawing the low-fidelity wireframes, I imported the images to Figma so I could develop the mid-fidelity wireframes.

Mid-fidelity wireframes · User flow

With the wireframes created, it was time to put together the prototype.

If you’re interested, click here to try the prototype :)

User flow · Prototype

Thank you for reading! 💫

Portuguese UX/UI Designer with a background in Graphic Design.